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by admin on 10/09/2017

Flowers are left to dry in a draughty loft

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Having driven some time in the countryside of Harghita with mostly meadows ans scattered houses, we have to descend down to a valley, pass a small village and drive on a muddy and bumpy road for some minutes until we arrive at a house in the middle of a forest. Upon arrival, a young woman led us to a room where an old lady was using a sewing machine. Since I don’t know any Hungarian, I just have to listen to my guide talking to her, wondering why he’s talking to an old lady using a sewing machine. In fact, we had come to visit the house of a herbalist, not a seamstress. Fortunately, after some time, I’m told that she’s 83 years old and that she started collecting herbs many years ago. She was sewing dried herbs into insoles when we arrived, but she’s doing the same with waist belts and pillows . In this way, it’s possible to be in close contact with herbs. She almost quit collecting herbs when her husband died, but somehow she was able to go on doing it. Her grandson, who now runs the company, was introduced to herbs when he was 3 years old.

According to their web site, the heat of the body will lead to that essential oils of the herbs will start to evaporate, ensuring a pleasant fragrance and a refreshing effect on the entire body.

Afterwards, we went outside where her granddaughter showed us their herbal garden with various herbs like lemon balm and peppermint. Since the season lasts from May to July and we arrived in September, the garden wasn’t as colourful and fragrant any more, but that’s part of slow pix: visiting once and just having to accept whatever is available.

Next, she served us one their own herbal teas while we were sitting on the veranda. In fact, they are offering

After having enjoyed drinking a cup of tea, we went up to the attic which was used as a drying room for their herbs. This is different from other herbalists I have visited who were using solar-powered ovens to dry them.

Finally, we walked around on the property and we passed a poster announcing that there is music festival for three days in June. Then, anyone can come, set up a tent and join the festival.

Just before we should go, we were invited to dinner, but my guide had some plans, which made him turn down the offer. Anyway, it was great to visit such a beautiful place inhabited by such relaxed people.

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