Anna Olah Nagy – confectioner

2 October 2019
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A female confectioner who makes cakes at home.

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Bizkarra bakery and confectionery

7 June 2016
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A family-owned bakery and confectionery where delicious breads and sweets are made.

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Tóth Katalin – confectioner

4 June 2015
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A woman who works as a confectioner at home.

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Pula confectionery

25 October 2014
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An artisanal confectionery offering a wide selection of delicious sweets.

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Mario Demurtas – confectioner

10 October 2013
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A small craft confectionery

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Confectionery of Teresa Faedda

4 October 2012
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Husband and wife making and selling cakes and pastries

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