Dacha preparedness garden

21 August 2021
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A vegetable garden used as an example to be prepared for unexpected events.

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Rustici farm

5 November 2016
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A family-owned farm which makes a wide range of agricultural products.

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Madaras Árpád and Péterfi Lajos – farmers

11 June 2015
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Small-scale farmers, one pessimistic and one optimistic.

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Txomin Arregi – vegetable producer

9 October 2014
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A young man who is cultivating vegetables in greenhouses.

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Outdoor market in Saliste

10 June 2013
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A lively outdoor market in the village of Saliste.

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Petra greengrocer’s

29 June 2011
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A small, well-stocked and independent shop selling high-quality food and drinks

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Farm and guesthouse “Sun and Earth”

15 March 2010
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An organic farm cultivating a wide selection of herbs and vegs.

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L’Aglientu farm

14 March 2010
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A farn where a wide selection of fruits and vegetables are grown.

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