Dacha preparedness garden

21 August 2021

I’ve known about the Dacha preparedness garden for several years, but because of Covid-19, I deferred contacting them until times were more tranquil. Then, we agreed to meet in August since the garden would be in full bloom at this time of year. The word dacha is derived from Russian, meaning a seasonal or year-round […]

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Rustici farm

5 November 2016
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A family-owned farm which makes a wide range of agricultural products.

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Madaras Árpád and Péterfi Lajos – farmers

11 June 2015
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Small-scale farmers, one pessimistic and one optimistic.

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Txomin Arregi – vegetable producer

9 October 2014
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A young man who is cultivating vegetables in greenhouses.

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Outdoor market in Saliste

10 June 2013
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A lively outdoor market in the village of Saliste.

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Petra greengrocer’s

29 June 2011
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A small, well-stocked and independent shop selling high-quality food and drinks

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Farm and guesthouse “Sun and Earth”

15 March 2010
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An organic farm cultivating a wide selection of herbs and vegs.

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L’Aglientu farm

14 March 2010
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A farn where a wide selection of fruits and vegetables are grown.

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