About us

We are members of the global Slow Food movement. We want to draw attention to the small-scale food and drinks producers for the excellent work they are doing.

We have the good, clean and fair philosophy in mind when choosing places to visit. That is, the food we eat should taste good, it should be produced in a clean way such that it does not harm the environment, nor the animals being raised, nor ourselves, and the food producers should receive a fair compensation for their work.

Slow Food members are not only consumers, but also co-producers because they affect what is being produced by their purchases of foods and drinks. Slow Food likes to call this kind of thinking neo-gastronomy recognising the strong connection between plate and planet.

We have no economic interests in any of the enterprises we are visiting and we are doing this project in our spare time.

Texts in Norwegian, unless otherwise noted, have been written by Per Christian Bakken, born 1958. Texts originally in English, translations from Italian and Norwegian to English together with photos, audio recordings and videos by John Tollefsen, born 1961.

The visits in Italy have been done with the following language schools:

Terramare in Tuscany and Sardinia.

CiaoItalia in Piemonte.

Centro Culturale Conero in the Marches.

The visits in Romania in 2012 and 2013 have been done with guides from Discover Romania in Brasov.

Marietta Allegria has been guiding all the trips in Bilbao and the Basque country.

The visits in Romania in 2015 have been done with Robert Biró and he can be contacted at birrbert@gmail.com and with Zoltan Pál from Slow Tours Transylvania. He can be contacted at slowttransylvania@gmail.com.

Guiding in Extremadura was done by Per Øystein Klunderud from Klunderud Natur og Kultur KnoK together with some local people.

The visits in Romania in 2017 have been done with Robert Biró and Károly Szabó, who can be contacted at szabokarolycsaba@gmail.com.


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