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Forcing molten chocolate enter a bowl by means of a spatula

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Sandor Szilveszter is a young chocolate maker. He likes chocolate and his parents gave him chocolate. He worked in a multicultural chocolate factory in the UK and he saved money in order to go to a workshop for chocolate-making. While being there, he got a passion for it from the instructor. He can call the chocolate factory in the UK for advice.

He was in Hungary and France, visiting chocolate factories and some of the people working there gave him advice on how to make chocolate. He lives at home, having the first floor for himself and he makes a living from making and selling chocolate. He said that it provided a good opportunity for his creativity, making chocolates and packages.

Like Galffis, he makes personalised chocolates for companies, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

During our visit, a machine was mixing liquid chocolate by letting a wheel somehow lift it upward from a vessel (maybe because of adhesion), then letting it fall down through a chute back to the same vessel, forming an infinite loop. This machine is called a chocolate tempering machine and it is used for making the chocolate crisp and smooth.

Receiving molten chocolate from a chocolate tempering machine

He put a small plastic bowl below where the liquid chocolate was falling down and filled it partly up. Next, he poured its contents onto his marble workbench where he used two spatulas to pick it up and put it back in order to avoid crystallisation.

Working the molten choclate with two spatulas to prevent crystallisation

When the still liquid chocolate had got the consistency he wanted, he poured it into two adjacent moulds, then he hit it against the workbench in order to get rid of bubbles and make it fill all voids. Finally, he put dried fruits on the surface of the chocolate and put the chocolate in a freezer.

Pouring molten chocolate in a mould

For those who want to know more about crystallisation in chocolate and even more, can watch this video.

He has a lot of chocolate types, like a lactose free chocolate, red chocolate with strawberries, chocolate with mint and lemon and chocolate with garlic and onion, Christmas chocolates with oranges and nuts, etc. Naturally, he has white, milk and dark chocolate.

He has many wishes like going to markets with his chocolates, making chocolate with brandy, focusing on development, expanding his business and preparing a big inventory for Christmas.

From Easter to summer is a quiet period, meaning he can do experiments. Instead, from September to Christmas he’s selling much. His products are mostly used as gifts.

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