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by admin on 05/06/2009

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Lisa Jam is a family driven jam producer located in the Bærum municipality west of Oslo. Lisa Jam deliver juices and jams mainly to institutional households, bakeries and institutions, but they also have a factory outlet where anyone can buy their products.

The third generation Horn Johannessen is managing the factory which has been located in Bærum since 1978. At Lisa Jam, their products are tailor made according to the customers’ demands meaning that you can have made you own jam if you like. Small series amounting to 50-100 kg are possible.

You can find Lisa Jam in several Meny shops. Personally, I got a positive experience when I tasted strawberry jam from Lisa Jam about a year ago. Whole berries, fresh and balanced taste of strawberries with the right amount of fluid consistency. Completely different from the light jam our family had bought earlier. Lisa Jam is definitely my first choice when I’m looking for strawberry jam in my local shop.

The Slow Food movement is working to increase enjoyment and selection regarding food. A small scale producer like Lisa Jam is a great contribution to this selection. We hope you will ask for Lisa Jam at your local food store next time you want to buy jam.

We thanked Lars at Lisa Jam for letting us visit their factory. Before leaving, he gave us a couple of jars with freshly made strawberry and raspberry jam from the factory outlet. Then, after having bought a freshly made Italian country bread at the French bakery in Sandvika, we could enjoy a delicious lunch with locally made products. Life is good for those who don’t hurry.

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