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by admin on 29/06/2012

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An outdoor market is arranged in a village called Vad 3 times a year, on 9 February, on 29 June and on 20 November, all of them being related to a saint’s day.

Passing through the village and getting out in the countryside, we arrived at a large field which was already partially full of people and domestic animals. On our way to the market, we passed several horse-drawn carts with a cow in tow, and when we arrived, lots of carts had already been parked, while horses and cattle were eating hay. Besides, some cars were parked, having piglets inside peering outside, some women were preparing sausages for sale, and mostly men were chatting and drinking beer. New families were arriving all the time on horse-drawn carts, some of them driving so fast that it was wise to be alert. Parents brought their kids, calves and cows, everyone seeming to have a great time. After having parked their carts and given fodder to their animals they joined the other ones.

My guide told me that this market has been held at least since about 1900, people are coming from all over Brasov county, usually they don’t barter their animals like one horse for two cows, but it might happen, the main occupation in Vad is breeding animals and growing vegetables

For anyone who wants to go to Vad, a nature reserve called “Poiana Narciselor” in Romanian meaning Daffodils’ Glade in English is worth seeing. Every spring, there is a festival when the daffodils start blooming.

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