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This wine farm dates from the beginning of the 20th century, being founded by the grandfather of the present owner and being family-owned ever since. A stable family history resting on his shoulders, lots of hard work and passion, a refined capacity obtained from learning from early in his life between rows of vines and tanks of wine has been a major part of the life of Guido Porro, like his father Giovanni, his grandfather Guido and his great-grandfather.

The cultivated property of the farm amounts to 7 hectares. Besides, they have 4 rooms for rent.

The vineyards of the Porro family are located in one of the best areas of the Barolo area for cultivating grapes because this plot of ground is lit by the sun all day due to that it is turned towards south south-west and being in a bowl well protected against the wind. The chalky ground doesn’t allow for an abundant cultivation of grapes, but their quality is indisputable. However, even a place as blessed as this one and cultivation of excellent vines, is not sufficient to make high quality wine. Hard and meticulous work, loving care of every vine and the soil are also required. This confirms that the quality of the wine we drink from bottles, originates from the vines and the soil.

Vines called Nebbiolo da Barolo, Barolo lazzairasco and Barolo S. Caterina are cultivated and the following wines are produced:

  • Barbera d’Alba
  • Dolcetto
  • Nebbiolo

How do you know when the grapes are mature? Seems like there isn’t a clear answer to this, but this is normal for any cultivator of vines: the taste of the pulp and the consistency of the skin are the most important characteristics together with an analysis of the sugar content.

The winemaking is carried out in accordance with norms passed down the generations and using modern technology.

Their wines can be tasted and bought direct from the farm and from well-stocked shops in Italy, but the major part is exported to Germany, the Netherlands and the United States.

From the newly renovated and enlarged wine cellar, placed such that visitors have a spectacular view ranging from the vines directly below via hills covered with vineyards to distant mountains covered with snow. Just the moment for tasting splendid wines of the Porro family, enjoy the aroma of the wines and just consuming them very slowly.

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