Olive oil mill «Terre di Capalbio»

by admin on 31/10/2016

Freshly picked olives falling down a hole

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The olive oil mill «Terre di Capalbio» in the village of Borgo Carige is run by the Nannini family, who bought it in 2003. The village is situated between the coast and the medieval castle of Capalbio in a region mainly used for growing olives and vines, stretching from the lowlands near the Tyrrhenian sea to rolling hills with olive groves overlooking the village of Capalbio,

Nannini senior had worked in agriculture for many years and he was also teaching at an agricultural school, but decided to run an olive oil mill instead, buying it from the previous owner who had run it for more than 15 years.

Having bought the olive oil mill, all the machinery has been replaced with computer-controlled machines. Since there has been an olive oil mill in this place for a very long time and the producers live nearby, there is a strong and friendly bond between the Nannini family and the olive farmers.

After the olives have arrived at the olive oil mill, they are sprinkled to get rid of dust and other impurities. Next, instead of crushing the olives with the drupes, they are removed before crushing, leading to that the resulting olive oil is less sour than crushing the complete olives, while increasing the fruity flavour at the same time.

Three different types of olive oil for meat, fish and generic, respectively, are produced at this company:

  • “L’Olio del Presidente
  • “Bio-Logico“
  • “Terre di capalbio”

In addition to the Nannini family, a secretary does all administrative work and takes care of all requests and rules, which have to be followed according to EU regulations.

As at all olive oil mills, this one is only in operation for about a month a year, that is from late October to late November. For the rest of the year, the Nannini family occupy themselves with selling their products, cultivating their own olive grove of about 1000 olive trees and running a shop adjacent to the olive oil mill where they sell their olive oil and some other high quality farm products.

Due to little rain and high temperatures, the olive harvest of 2016 was quite low, while the quality was high.

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