The Kepes family – beekeepers

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Beekeeping was started by the late Laszlo Kepes. Now, the Kepes family, Irina Kepes and her husband, her son and daughter-in-law have more than 200 beehives. They are kept in the villages of Valeni and Stejeris about 15 km from Turda from late autumn to May. Then, they are brought by car to the Oltenia region in the south of Romania because of the acacia forests. Thereafter they go to Resita for the lime trees and northwards to the Ariesului vally for the wildflower meadows and fruit trees.

The Kepes family has a small shop at the local market, called the Piata Agroalimentara in the town of Turda. Their shop has a wide selection of honey products like acacia honey, honey produced from many different types of flowers, lime tree honey, fir tree honey, besides honey from rapeseed and sunflower. They also sell propolis, vinegar made of apples and honey, box-thorn juice and blackcurrant juice with honey.

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