Vesterhaugen farmhouse dairy

by admin on 10/05/2010


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We visited Scotswoman Helen Davey, a producer of a typical, Norwegian cheese called pultost, butter, cream and sour cream. After having left Høgda farmhouse dairy, we were excited about what to find at Vesterhaugen farmhouse dairy.

Vesterhaugen farmhouse dairy is located west of the river Glomma in Våler commune. Following her directions – follow road 210, turn towards Solør-Odalsveien at the crossroads at Eid, follow the road called Solør-Odalsveien past an open toll-gate where you don’t need to pay anything. After having passed the toll-gate, turn right, Vesterhaugen is the second house on the left with a sign at the entrance.

We were met by Helen who let us enter her small dairy consisting of one rooom only and located inside her kitchen. After having entered her dairy, we could watch her doing the finishing touches on butter, besides working with her pultost, which is a presidium.

Helen is raising 5 cows from the race called Trønder cow. They are mainly white with mostly black spots on the sides, and they are smaller than the main cow in Norway called Norwegian Red Cow. Their milk contains more proteins than the milk from the Norwegian Red Cow, making it suitable for cheesemaking and dairy products in general.

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