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by admin on 16/08/2008

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Eiker farmhouse dairy makes mild cheeses which are popular in restaurants in the southeastern part of Norway. Three farms near a place called Hokksund located to the west of the town Drammen are cooperating in order to direct the farmhouse dairy.

Just a few years ago, the three farms mentioned above had great problems going on as usual. Increased expenses and hard work didn’t encourage their children to go on running the farms and closing them down was a real possibility. Fortunately, the wives on the farms went to meet likeminded people in the same situation as them. The idea of starting production of cheese became a wish, an aim and finally a reality. Three farms called Grøsland, Bermingrud and Homlebekk were willing to think anew and now there is a modern factory with good prospects.

Small scale producers like Eiker farmhouse dairy depend on my and your help in order to get their products marketed and sold. Members of Slow Food aren’t just ordinary consumers, but co-producers. We can become more knowledgeable about the cheeses which are made close to where we live. We can share a tasting of cheese with others, and praise the cheeses in shops and restaurants. All these small influences contribute to keeping a large selection of taste, thus supporting local sense of belonging and food culture.

We recommend going to Eiker farmhouse dairy, taste their cheeses, visit the cows in the barn and by all means buy a piece of cheese. The cheese from Eiker which you serve to friends afterwards has got an identity. A story about the way from soil to table, locally made food, hard-working cowhands and dairy workers, and happy cows.

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