Animal market near Saliste

by admin on 13/06/2013


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When visiting the Lebu family, my guide was told that there is a big animal market on the outskirts of Saliste three times a year. Fortunately, that happened to be when we were in Saliste. Since a new highway to Sighisoara was being constructed at the same time, the animal market had been moved to a wide field further way from Saliste and having driven on a muddy road for some time and passed some horse-driven carts, we arrived at the market. The market is open for two days, on the first day small animals like sheep and pigs are bought and sold, while on the second, big animals like cows are horses change owners.

Entering the market, I could see mostly men standing around and talking, while most of the horses were eating hay. One farmer was passing with a horse-drawn cart on which was standing a calf and being followed by a cow, while another one somehow attached a chain around the mouth of a young ox in order to make it walk where he wanted.

Makeshift bars had been set up and someone was barbecuing meat, while poultry in small cages on the ground were for sale. Lots of horses had red tassels on their heads to ward off evil spirits. They were also for sale together with a large selection of horse harnesses.

A screaming piglet was brought into a car, but it turned quiet after it had entered the car.

Unfortunately, not knowing the language made me miss the horse-trading.

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